Facts About Therapeutic Schools

If you have a teenager who is troubled, as their parent you will want to do everything to help your child. But the teenage years are the schooling years of junior and senior high school. Helping your teen overcome their troubles is one thing. Allowing them to continue their schooling is almost as important. If you can tackle both at the same time you will have done a mighty job. The first thing you must do is find out exactly what is troubling your teen and why. Only with a professional and detailed diagnosis can you move on considering any alternative schooling for your son or daughter. If your teen is in serious trouble such as crime, using drugs or alcohol or is seriously depressed, some options will not be available.Do you want to learn more? Visit alternatives4teens.com.

For example a military school which offers brilliant opportunities for students to excel academically and enjoy first-class sporting and artistic opportunities, will not accept a teen who is seriously troubled. The school simply won't let them in. Of course if your teen is not in serious trouble but has become lazy and disinterested, then a military school may well be the answer to your prayers and be the making of your child. But the seriously troubled teen has two broad options. They can go to a day school with programs to help them with their troubles but which means they go home after school. Or else they can attend a different type of boarding school which means they live in the school and only go home when they overcome their unacceptable behavior.


Day schools with therapy sessions for certain types of troubled teens are one option. Your child will still be living at home but the programs and counseling must be appropriate for the needs of your teen. Boarding schools include Christian schools and Therapeutic schools. Christian schools maintain a strong academic program but have sessions geared towards the problems being faced by the teen. Obviously the school follows Christian-based teachings and if parents want a direct morality lifestyle then a Christian boarding


school is well worth considering.

The residential therapeutic school can cater for seriously disturbed teens. The school has high-quality security, offers 24/7 supervision and excellent therapy which aims to pinpoint the problems being faced by the students. Again a regular academic program is available so that the teen's schooling continue to progress. But the school's timetable also allows for one-to-one therapy sessions with a troubled teen and a professional expert on staff. Obviously a boarding school offering a serious therapy program will cost more than a day school. But having your teen do well academically is not your only goal. As a parent you want your teen to overcome their problems and excel not just academically but in their attitude and in their physical and mental health as well.